About myself


My settlement in United States of America

As I grew up in Pakistan as a middle class family, I could not even think about leaving my country. But my family and I were moving on so we decided to move to the Unites States of America. Many delighted and miserable moment came along my way while moving to the United States of America

When I was ten years old, my dad told us that we were going to move to the U.S. At that moment I did not believe him because in my country the only people who go out of the country are the wealthy people. One year later we finally came here, after that my life started to change. My life changed because I had new games, computer, school and friends. My first day of school was really scary mainly because I did not speak English. I did not have anybody that was from my country and spoke my language. I remember I was really nervous the first day of class. Everybody started saying talking to me and made me really anxious. In class the atmosphere was really terrifying.   I did not understand anything in some of my classes. Math was my favorite subject and I was really good at it. In math I loved answering the questions because it built confidence. In English class I was not as good due to that, many student made fun of my accent, which was really upsetting.

After the first day I thought school was pleasant. The students and especially the teachers were helpful. I went back and told my parents about how I survived the first day of my school. My parents were really pleased with me. However, few days later when my report card came I was really disappointed, because I received five F’s and two B’s. The two subject that I got B’s on I was good at were Physical Education and Math. I was decent at math because I took Pre-Algebra in sixth grade. Later on the day when my mom saw my terrible report card she started to worry. She asked me many questions, which I did not have answers for. At that time I was emotional because the whole purpose of coming to the Unites States was for me to study and get a degree. For a while I did not talk to anyone in my family. I was frustrated and miserable because I was wondering how I was going to pass sixth grade.

My dad went to my school and had a conversation with my teachers. I felt relieved after my teacher said that nearly everyone has the same grade when they are new to this country since it’s pretty hard for them the first year. After the conference when I arrived home, my dad and I had a talk about it. After a few months I started to focus a lot on my studies and started getting better grades and made some good friends. Also I did much better on my English class since I got to learn even more day by day. My teachers, friends, and family supported me throughout the year and eventually I learned better English and had passed all my classes.

One most common reason I passed all my classes because of my ESL (English as Second Languages) teacher she supported me till the end. Every week she gave me something that will help in my future like backpack, English books, and other school supplies. My ESL teacher was like my best friend because we both hangout out of school too. She took me to field trip, she invited me her son birthday party, and sometime she came to my house to help me. She did it just because I can learn English and I can understand new American culture. She was my teacher for three years till I graduated from middle school.

Later, after a busy month of fasting and praying, I started to focus on my exams. I was worrying about how my exams would go and how my grades would turn out. I had some difficulties dealing with people since some of them used to make fun of me, and I used to just ignore them like people ignore dogs in streets. So I worked hard and studied a lot for my exams and got some extra help where I could find, and due to that sometimes I would miss my bus and had to walk back home. Finally when my exams were over and I passed all my classes, I received some awards from the principal for working hard, being a pleasant student, and I also received award for having a perfect attendance.

Moving to United States was big change in my life because it is very hard to move that country where you don’t know anyone and you don’t speak that language. However, after been eight years in U.S, my eyes still get wet when I see pictures my cousins and my nephews. Sometimes I feel like I want to go back but I have to finish my studies first and also I am satisfy from this country. I learned a lot from my life that sometimes you have good moments and sometimes you have sad moments but always smiles, now, I can handle any big struggle in my life like taking 21 credits, working two days, helping my mom to get her citizenship, and her driving license but I am happy with my life than ever before. Sometimes I wish I could bring back my 6th grade memory back because I miss my friends and my lovely ESL teacher. I hope to graduate from Germanna Community College in 2013 spring with Associate degree in business.