Skills Summary
Having experience working with SQL Server 2005, 2008, 2008R, and Microsoft Studio Management. Can build/rebuild/fix the data. Familiar with web designing, making brochure, power point, picture editing, and 3D animation. Good working with any electronics of the sort and currently build/rebuild/repair mobile devices like iPhone series and Galaxy series and much more also computers on the side. Experience in sailing and buying cell phone and proficiency in Excel formulas and Accounting.

• Currently Pursuing a B.S. in Computer Sciences and Minor in Business at Mary Washington University
• Associate in Business From Germanna Community college
• Stafford High School graduate as of June 16, 2011
• Accounting and excel formulas
• Excel with written reports, essays, and papers.
• Entry in Database for company
• SQL Server Management Studio from Data Group
• ITE (Excel, word, Access, and PowerPoint) from Germanna Community College
• Digital Input Technology, Keyboarding, Web Design, Business Law, and Auto Tech from Stafford High School

Work Experience
Currently working as a Cashier at Home Depot. January 2013 working at Best Buy as Mobile Consulting, selling and trading cell phones, helping customers with their product, moving contacts photos, messages, and application from one phone to the another phone. Along with that selling IPads and Tablets. From May 2010 to November 2011, I worked at McDonald as part time making sandwiches, cleaning, working the register, and opening and closing the store. During the mid-day lunch and evening rushes speed, efficiency, and teamwork, is required to effectively make each order in less than three minutes for every customer while keeping the work area clean and healthy. From November 2011 to 2012, I have been working primarily as a Cashier.